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Housewife seeking toyboy for naughty nighttime fun

Yes I’m a married housewife here with my husbands blessing to find a younger lover for a naughty night or evenĀ  a weekend. My husband Matt has long fantasised about me cuckolding him and the older I get the more I find myself masturbating over the young men I work with at ASDA in Epsom, the thought of their hard, young cocks throbbing in my pulsing pussy gets me so excited I have to sneak off to the toilets and releive myself and change my wet knickers!! Now my hubby has given me his permission I want my own toyboy cock to play with, we can fuck alone orĀ  in front of my husband it’s up to you. You must be clean with a decent size cock and between 18 and 35 years old!!

Stephanie from Epsom, Surrey
My Name: Stephanie
My Age: 49
Marital Status: Married
What I like: , , , ,
What I want: a toyboy with a decent sized cock for nighttime fun and cuckoldry
Best features: not sure
Body type: I'm petite and very clean. I'm trimmed down below and are quot etight for my age as husband only has tiny cock
First time? no, this is my first time seeking a younger fuck buddy for casual sex!!

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